Poor construction impacts a project's profitability for the entire life of the property.

Construction Services

Our principals' background in structural engineering, general contracting and subcontracting, and third party construction management gives us an "in the trenches" perspective of today's construction market.

We apply our experience across the entire construction phase by:

  • Actively managing the bidding phase to maximize bidder participation
  • Evaluating contractor qualifications as well as their subcontractors
  • Evaluating proposals and offering value engineering solutions that balance quality and effectiveness rather than cutting corners
  • Efficiently processing requests for information, submittals and applications for payment
  • Working to minimize the traditionally adversarial contractor/owner relationship by identifying quality contractors with common goals in an open, accountable way








Our construction phase services not only review for design conformance but offer timely and cost effective solutions when unforeseen challenges occur. We focus on solutions first, then determine procedures to minimize occurrences in the future.

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