By acting as your "second set of eyes" we support contract compliance and identify opportunities to add value.

Third Party & Owner Representation

Lym Architecture serves clients who have entered into a Design/Build enterprise or whose tenant has retained their own architectural or engineering services to improve their leased space.

We tailor our level of involvement based on a project's individual circumstances, responding to:

  • Relative client or design team experience or project complexity
  • Experience in the local market or lack of total presence
  • The need to supplement a team due to the limited scope of the designer's contract

Lym Architecture can also provide project control services, including:

  • Review project schedules and progress
  • Audit project procedures for quality assurance purposes
  • Assist in efforts to recover project momentum due to performance issues

Our objective is to facilitate the project's progress and be seen as an "added value" member of the team.

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